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xamples of Training Programs Produced

OEHS2 develops linear training videos, interactive DVDs, and computer/web-based training programs. Examples of training materials recently developed are listed below.

You may also be interested in viewing shorter clips and "learning objects" located here.

A series of web-based training programs have been developed for use as stand alone training as well as part of a blended learning approach. These programs contain images, audio, illustrations and video clips.

This file is an interesting twist on web-based training. It describes how to use/interpret a tool (actually a chart that describes how to dispose of a particular waste stream). A chart and associated training was developed for each major waste steam.

The following video describes the essential practices when handling laboratory waste.

A series of videos were produced for the International Union of Operating Engineers to assist their peer trainers at more than 400 locations across the country conduct hazardous materials and safety training

You can view many of Tom's training videos on Vimeo.

A DVD was developed for the American Biological Safety Association and Elizabeth R. Griffin Foundation that describes the appropirate practices to follow when working with animals at animal biosafety levels 1 - 3. Over 10,000 copies have been distributed around the world. You can view a streaming version of these videos by clicking on the links below.

A series of eleven video segments, ranging from two to twelve minutes in length, were created with a grant from the Donahue Foundation to train autobody repair personnel in the hazards associated with handling chemicals. The videos describe the chemical related hazards associated with specific job tasks (structural repair, surface preparation, and painting), the health hazards associated with exposure to isocyanates and solvents, how to obtain information on the hazards of chemicals (reading labels and MSDSs), the selection of gloves and other PPE, and the care and use of an air purifying respirator. This instructional material was created for delivery by individuals with limited health and safety expertise autobody shop managers and suppliers. A web page on which flash versions of these videos can be viewed is linked here.

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