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Multimedia learning objects

Learning objects, small “chunks” of learning content that focus on a specific learning objective, are being widely used in secondary education where different types of media – text, images, flash animations, simple simulations, video and audio recordings are available to educators from a database of media. Educators can select the objects that help them fulfill their learning objectives and incorporate them into web sites or lectures. These learning objects can be reused many times and can be used in different instructional contexts by different educators.

The EH&S profession has not adopted the concept of learning objects even though these objects, if constructed appropriately, could reduce the cognitive load of a training participant by providing a visual representation of key concepts. In the following table you will find examples of "video based" learning objects that can be incorporated into existing Power Point presentations of trainers. Producing learning objects of this type and making them available to trainers will allow them to retain complete control over the content and the delivery of their training programs while taking advantage of the power of digital videography. These learning objects are simply building blocks that fit into existing training programs, filling gaps or replacing lesser quality content. Another benefit of using learning objects is that training programs can be easily customized and the objects can be configured to meet the needs of the learner and knowledge of the trainer.

Examples of Video Clips

These clips are being served from Vimeo. Click on a link to review the clip on Vimeo's site. To see all of Tom's videos on Vimeo click here. Videos developed and served from Vimeo can also be embedded into web pages and viewed on your own web site.

You may also be interested in viewing full length training videos and web-based training located here.

These clips provide examples of short video segments that can be used to illustrate a concept.

This clip is a "commercial" and illustrates how video can be used to illustrate the consequences of an inappropriate behavior and the appropriate practice.

These clips illustrate a best practice.

These clips illustrate how video clips can be designed to allow for interaction between trainer and participant and used to summarize instructional material.

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Examples of Training Case Studies & Demos (flash objects)

Video clips can also be integrated in flash objects and fashioned into e-case studies and e-demos. The following e-case studies and e-demos can be streamed from a server or run locally off a MAC or PC.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these they are available here.