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The Use of Video in EH&S

In addition to developing traditional video and web-based training materials, OEHS2 is unique in its use of this visually rich communication media to develop short, interactive video productions that effectively capture, communicate, and archive environmental, industrial hygiene, and safety information. The use of video overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional written format that is easily misinterpreted, looses much of the original content over time, and is an inefficient communication tool. High quality digital videography’s images visually communicate exactly how a task must be performed or how it was performed. OEHS2 clients are using this tool to document, communicate, and archive workplace exposure assessments and particularly negative exposure assessments, standard operating procedures for high risk tasks (and incorporating them into training materials) and the effectiveness of alternative work practices (typically presented to regulators that must approve them).

You can read Tom's article on Applying the Tools of Digital Videography to EH&S to learn more about potential uses of video in the practice of EH&S. Feel free to contact Tom if you would like more information on using video in your EH&S practice.

Tom has also written an article titled, Creating Media-Rich Communication and Training Materials - Tools, Resources and Ideas, that describes some of the tools available to create media rich training and approaches to creating it. To view examples visit the multimedia learning objects page or the training programs page. Tom has also posted a number of his trainng presentations on the presentation page. Feel free to contact Tom if you would like more information on incorporating multimedia into your training.

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