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OEHS2 develops and delivers site specific training materials for live, facilitated training sessions but is unique in its ability to create site specific training videos, web-based training (WBT) and computer-based training (CBT) programs. Prior to developing a training program, OEHS2 evaluates existing training programs, performs a needs assessment, and outlines appropriate learning objectives with the client. OEHS2 also designs blended learning approaches that leverage the use of advanced instructional media. The links below provide examples of the products developed by OEHS2. You can also purchase a small number of products here.

Web-Computer Based Training Programs - OEHS2 has developed WBT and CBT programs on a broad range of EH&S topics including laboratory chemical safety, blood borne pathogens, the management of chemical hazardous waste and oil spill prevention. Web based training programs are produced using Adobe Captivate which produces self-contained executable files that can be viewed in either a Windows or Apple operating environment or served on the internet. A typical training program integrates text, narration, images, and video clips into an interactive menu driven program. Exercises, which demonstrate and reinforce what employees have learned, are typically part of this type program. Tom Ouimet, Principal of OEHS2, has served as the instructional designer for several large government sponsored projects. These projects include a hazardous material workplace simulation program produced by the University of Lowell and funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and an “etool/expert system” training program, developed for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which assists small businesses implement emergency response and preparedness plans. An article written by Tom Ouimet titled, Creating Media-Rich Communication and Training Materials - Tools, Resources and Ideas, describes some of the tools available to create media rich training and examples of how it can be done.

Training Videos - OEHS2 also has extensive experience creating workplace safety training videos (10-20 minutes in length) that have been formatted for distribution on the internet (steaming video) and on interactive DVDs. These training videos have been developed for a wide variety of clients including an insurance company, government agencies, a major retailer, and a major research institution. Videos and multimedia CBT programs produced by Tom Ouimet have won three multimedia training awards from the American Biological Safety Association. The most recent program allowed maintenance employees to take a virtual tour of a high risk work environment just prior to entering and performing maintenance. An article written by Tom Ouimet titled, Applying the Tools of Digital Videography to EH&S, describes different applications for video and how to get started. You can read more about OEHS2's application of video in the practice of EH&S here.

Live Training and Learning Objects - For those who desire live training sessions, OEHS2 creates site specific PowerPoint presentations that incorporate text, images and short video clips that reinforce key concepts. You can view examples on the learning objects page. Live training sessions are augmented with demonstrations, exercises, and opportunities for hands on learning when appropriate.


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