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Industrial Hygiene, Safety & Environmental Services

OEHS2 has helped a diverse set of clients - including research laboratories, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and chemical and petrochemical plants - improve their regulatory compliance and reduce their employee injuries.

Services provided include:

OEHS2 has extensive experience evaluating employee exposures to chemical, physical, and biological agents. Tom Ouimet has conducted hundreds of employee exposure surveys as well as participated in two large-scale health and safety studies that evaluated employee exposures to asbestos and acrylonitrile at sites across the United States. Retrospective exposure assessments have also been conducted for employees working in the chemical, petrochemical and metals industry. Over one hundred indoor air quality investigations have been conducted.

OEHS2 is unique among EH&S consulting companies in its use of digital video technology to visually communicate and archive environmental, industrial hygiene, and safety studies.

OEHS2 uses video to document and archive:

You can learn more about the ways OEHS2 uses video (and view examples) at the following link.

OEHS2 has fifteen years of experience providing services to the academic research and biomedical research community. OEHS2 has developed, implemented, and managed the biological, chemical and physical safety programs for a major research institution. OEHS2 has also reviewed the plans of over 500 million dollars of capital projects to identify safety and ventilation design issues.






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